Одно из наиболее полных описаний позиции Marketing Manager

На полях интернета нашел вакансию Marketing Manager  с очень грамотным описание должностых инструкций и обязанностей. Такое надо отмечать и запоминать в своем блоге.

Marketing Manager

Place in the organization and reporting:
Marketing Manager reports to the Sales and Marketing Director
Key Function of the marketing manager:
Develop and implement the marketing strategy for retail and wholesales to including above the line and below the line activities to drive response and generate sales
Developing and implementing public relations activities and internal communications strategy
Developing and managing the ………….. brand identity to ensure consistent external and internal brand communications including our branch retail environment and manage the company’s image (logo policy, social responsibility promotion, close communication with local authorities)
Search, select, control, manage the supplier base to the marketing department meeting budget and investment returns (marketing ROI)
Safeguard that all marketing related activities are in line with the Company Strategy, the agreed targets and target audience for the respective products
Keeping informed on corporate marketing strategy on country level (following internal and external communication standards and corporate design, coordinate actions with BU & headquarters marketing departments)
Responsibilities and accountabilities for different marketing fields:
Developing and producing internal and external brochures and/or journals (periodicals) aimed at customers and employees
Planning and developing internal events, workshops and corporate conferences
Coordinating all S&M activities related to opening of new branches
Coordinate with and support the HR department with all internal communication tools and strategy
Developing, producing and distributing “sales support tools”
Developing and producing corporate gifts and souvenirs promotion (design, command and spreading)
Developing brand and response advertising campaigns including media planning
Creating and developing advertising campaigns and to increase brand awareness and generate response
Managing the PR activities including the development of PR strategy
Developing and managing crisis communications plan ensuring involvement of key business stakeholders.
Arranging and managing marketing events (exhibitions and fairs, conferences, business clubs)
Managing communications with Mass Media sources (preparing press-releases and arranging interviews for newspapers, journals, radio, TV)
Safeguarding the brand identity and position, as well as consistency between communication activities and the brand identity, and brandbook
Control over consistency of the brand identity and position, as well as consistency between communication activities and the brand identity
Marketing Planning and Research:
Carrying our market researches on target sectors, customers, existing and potential competitors;
Measuring the effectiveness of brand communication activities (ATL and BTL)
Planning and implementing market studies on brand awareness, brand perception, etc
Monitoring Clients’ satisfaction through regular questioning using NPS data
Managing the marketing budget including budgetary control for specific areas of responsibility, media buying and purchase of marketing tools/instruments required for the ATL/BTL activities
Marketing budgeting (assistance in creation, realization, controlling, costs optimization)
Responsible for annual marketing budget process based on Belron® financial parameters
Marketing Financials and Reporting:
Responsible for effectiveness and positive return on investment of all communication activities.
Monthly reporting to the management on marketing KPI’s
Key Performance Indicators for the role:
Leads generation (online traffic, CCC traffic, drive-in traffic, TNC)
Pre-leads generation funnel: TOMA, Brand Consideration, Brand Preference
Route to Carglass follow up (through marketing research, NPS measurements etc)
Media buying efficiency: cost/GRP
Effectiveness of each of the Marketing Channels (Belron® Guidelines)
RTV production efficiency: cost per RTV production
Required competencies:
Inquisitive nature to probe for answers
Creative business Development (commercial insight)
Team player and results oriented with a keen interest in analytics
Flexible and pragmatic hands-on
Good communication and language skills with ability to express thoughts in short and clear statements
Experience in media buying and negotiating
Additional requirements:
Minimum of 5 years relevant marketing experience (B2B) with proven track record
English (level Upper Intermediate)
Prepared to travel on regular business trips both national and international (30-40%)
Affinity with automotive industry is considered a plus
Computer literate (Microsoft Office, 1C Trade)
Any experience in project management is a plus
Our offer:
International and financially strong company operating in 34 countries
Career growth within a dynamic company where personal development and team spirit are our foundation
Laptop and mobile telephone subscription
Medical insurance
Bonus eligible (personal KPI)


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